Misses Delphine LEBRETON, negotiator at the notaries office, speaks perfect English and is at your disposal to show you a list of properties for sale and, is willing to take you to view them.

She will give you all the information necessary on these properties, tell you about the legal rules that apply and taxation, etc...

If you find a property that suits you, you will be brought to sign a " compromis de vente " with one of the notaries (Anne-Sophie LAME, notary, also speaks very good English).

This would be the occasion to deepen the legal aspect of the transaction and to evoke the rules of succession, the protection of the surviving partner, the planning of the handing down of patrimony, the fiscal aspects of the operation, etc...

Thereby as soon as you sign the " compromis ", you will have the possibility to see a legal
practitioner, capable of explaining to you in depth the regulation that apply and of answering all the questions that you might ask yourself

We have at our disposal a very significant file (more than 200 properties for sale) because more and more people trust notaries to sell their property.