We propose to estimate your property for free, whatever the circumstances of your request might be.

If you wish for us to sell your property, we will take care of the advertising, in magazines and on the internet (French/English), completely free.

The only fees that apply to the seller are the ones linked to compulsory surveys as instructed by the French government (research of asbestos, lead, wood parasite, etc..) and if necessary, the tax on the " plus value ".

Before putting your property for sale, we consult your title deed and all the documents concerning the property, in order to make sure that no juridical obstruction is set against the sale, such as servitudes (right-of-way) or prohibitions of any nature.

If you do some work to your property without carrying out the official approaches, we can help you to regularize your situation with the administration so that no difficulty occurs concerning this matter.

We will also help you to work out the tax on the " plus value " du at the occasion of the sale, in order to settle the price with full knowledge of the facts.

In order to help us in this stage, we advise all of you who have bought a property in France to renovate it, to keep all of the invoices because the fiscal administration requires them systematically.

In the event of resale, it is the notary who works out the tax on the " plus value " and who deducts it from the sale price, in order to pour it directly into the public treasury. The seller, on his side, doesn't have to fill in any documents.

As soon as the final deed is signed, we will also deal with the various stages linked to the reimbursement of mortgages and loans in progress (consequently if they have been contracted in France).